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The Travel Hacking App You Need if You Are Looking for Last‐Minute Accommodations

Sometimes you have to travel at the last second, with little to no warning. This may be due to a family emergency, or because if you don’t get out of town right away, you are going to go crazy. Perhaps staying with the in‐laws is not working out, and you need to get your own lodging. In those situations, you might need to know what accommodations are available today (maybe right now). The Hotel Tonight app is here to save the day, and possibly some money as well.

Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast offerings and other lodgings don’t always sell out. This means there may be rooms available in your area that would otherwise go unfilled if last‐minute travelers like you didn’t grab them. The Hotel Tonight app lets hotels and other room providers list rooms available today, and this makes the app a hero to all concerned parties.

The hotel gets traffic they otherwise wouldn’t have. No hotel or motel wants rooms unused. This costs them money. This is why they love the Hotel Tonight app. It helps them get closer to capacity, and that’s great for the bottom line. Additionally, this helps the room provider forge relationships with travelers who may never have stayed with them before. This could pay dividends well into the future.

You Win as Well … and Possibly Pay Less

When you are looking for “right now” accommodations, you can often haggle for a great price or a room upgrade. Mention a few of the other offerings you spotted on the Hotel Tonight app and your potential host may be happy to give you a better price than the going rate. You might be able to secure a room upgrade or special privileges as well. This process only works if you ask. Sometimes in life, all you have to do is ask to get some pretty neat rewards.

Don’t forget to ask about rewards programs that give you bonus points for being a frequent customer. It might be that you will need accommodations in this area in the future, and if that is the case, communicate this with your potential host. Don’t be timid, ask for any type of upgrade or savings you desire. All that can happen is you are denied saving a bunch of money, and you pay the going rate.

This app works on iOS and Android smartphones and devices. It can literally save the day if you need to find some last‐minute lodgings, and you don’t want to get ripped off by the hotel or motel where you are forced to stay. Sometimes room providers will elevate their rates if you come in with no reservation. The Hotel Tonight app keeps this from happening and can turn an otherwise unpleasant travel experience into an enjoyable and money‐saving stay.

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