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Staying in a BNB? Get to Know Your Staff Before You Travel

Are you planning a trip? Will you be staying in a B&B, motel or hotel? It is easy to get anxious about your trip to the point where you forget to do little things like packing a toothbrush or your phone charger. These things happen, and they put minor speed bumps in your travel plans. To make sure you experience a great time when paying for lodging, and you encounter as few unforeseen issues as possible, use this simple travel hack.

Call ahead and get to know the staff that will be waiting on you.

This is such a simple practice, but almost nobody other than veteran travelers ever do it. A few days before you travel, call the hotel or motel where you will be staying. Let them know who you are, and when you have reservations. Let them know you would like to speak with anyone who will be working while you are there if they will be interacting with you.

It is especially important to get to know the concierge or doorman. These men and women can make your stay a 5‐star experience because they know everything about your lodging, and also about the surrounding sights and sounds in the area. A short conversation with a manager or doorman that has lived in the area for years can yield important dos and don’ts that keep you from having a miserable experience.

What to Do if You Can’t Speak with Your Staff

Some accommodations will respect the privacy of their staff members. This might mean you won’t be able to glean any insider info from housemaids, bartenders and other “in the know” service personnel. If this is the case, call back on another day and ask to be transferred to the bar. Ask to speak with the concierge when the operator or desk clerk answers.

This can get you straight to the individuals you want to speak with. Let them know your lodging dates and ask them if they will be working on those dates. Make a personal connection and discuss what you are hoping to accomplish during your stay. Are you traveling for a second honeymoon? Will your entire family be going, or is this a getaway for you and your significant other? Bending the ears of service personnel instead of managers can reveal the real pros, cons, and possibilities available to you.

If these attempts at getting the 411 on your accommodations fail, try this. As soon as you arrive and get situated, meet as many staff members as you can. Keep a smile on your face and thank everyone you speak with. Make real connections instead of treating these individuals as if they are your servants. These simple reconnaissance hacks may just turn a so‐so stay into the best travel experience of your life.

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