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LOCAL – Attractions one hour or less from Diamond Oaks Inn

Crater of Diamonds State Park Crater of Diamonds State Park
The only place on the North American continent where you can dig for diamonds for a small fee and keep what you find.



KA-DO-HA Indian Village KA-DO-HA Indian Village
Long before the white man came, their civilization was flourishing. They were known to modern men only as the Mound Builders. One of the most intriguing examples of their unique civilization lies at KA-DO-HA Indian Village just 1 1/4 miles from Murfreesboro, Arkansas. KA-DO-HA Indian village is pre-historic site that was populated by the Mound Builders approximately 1,000 years ago.

Trout Fishing on the Little Missouri River
Whether fishing from the bank with “power bait” or accepting the challenge of fly fishing, you can have a really good time fishing for trout on the “Little Mo.” Fingerling trout are stocked regularly and water temperature and depth are maintained at optimal levels to ensure a thriving trout population.

Lake Greeson State Park Lake Greeson State Park
Narrows Dam impounds the waters of the Little Missouri River to form 7,000-acre Lake Greeson, a prime recreational resource in southwest Arkansas. The 12-mile-long lake features clear waters and steep, rocky ridges that form numerous islands and long peninsulas extending into the lake. Anglers flock to Lake Greeson for the abundant channel catfish and rainbow trout fishing.



Diamond Park Speedway

OTHER ATTRACTIONS – Attractions around one hour from Diamond Oaks Inn

Canoe on the Caddo River
The Caddo is an ideal river for all levels of floating experience. The river is peaceful, at least in some places but to prevent paddlers from becoming too complacent there are a number of Class I and Class II rapids along the way to keep it fun!

Glenwood Country Club

Rowdy Adventures (ziplining, etc.-seasonal)


Lake DeGray State Park