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5 Air BnB Tips to Make Your Stay a Success

For the uninitiated traveler, Air BnB is a US‐based accommodation booking service that acts as a gateway between renters and leasers of short‐term lodging. If you have a room, a hostel, or a home that you want to rent out to travelers, or you are a traveler looking for something a little more unique and different than a boring hotel stay experience, Air BnB has got you covered.

Unfortunately, since the service advertises rooms, apartments, beds and breakfasts or homes for rent from people all over the United States, it is virtually impossible to guarantee the listing you are reading is accurate. Every now and then you read some horror story about a disastrous Air BnB experience. To keep that from happening, use the following 5 tips that guarantee your Air BnB stay will be memorable, for all the right reasons.

1 – Tell Your Prospective Host a Little About Yourself
You can communicate with the hosts who are offering rooms on Air BnB. Tell them a little about yourself and your travel mates, and also explain what you love about their treehouse, home, or apartment. That may be all you need to do to grab a booking when you otherwise would have missed out.

2 – Don’t Search for Just Your Travel Dates
Some hosts block off dates they may actually have available. They do this to limit the number of applicants they get. Extending your search by a few days or a week before and after the dates you need may reveal the perfect room. Then you contact the host and see if they are flexible about the dates they have blocked as unavailable.

3 ‐ Obtain a Verified Air BnB ID Badge
You can become verified by Air BnB as a recommended guest. This improves your odds of getting the room you want, as well as the dates you are looking for. You can do this on the Air BnB website, by heading to airbnb.com/verify.

4 ‐ Vet Your Host … Thoroughly
Air BnB lodgers can review and score their hosts after their stay. This means taking some time to read reviews on a potential host gives you a clearer picture than just looking at their photo and the pictures they show of the room or home they have to offer.

5 ‐ Ask a Lot of Questions!
Air BnB hosts love it when you ask questions. The more questions you ask, the more responsible you look as a potential guest. This also keeps unforeseen issues from popping up that could ruin your entire holiday.