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4 Travel Hacks for Saving Money

Airfare now is two or three times what it used to be just a few years ago. If you are driving to your next vacation destination instead of flying, you don’t have to be told how expensive gas is. From dining at a nice restaurant to attending a concert or Las Vegas show, popular travel activities can set you back some serious coin.

Why pay more than you must? Even if you have deep pockets, the feeling of saving money is always nice. Besides, money saved on your next trip can mean bringing home more souvenirs. The following 4 tips will help you minimize your travel costs on your next trip, so you have more money to finance upcoming travel plans.

1 ‐ Get Paid to Stay…  or Stay for Free
Why not sign up as a house‐sitter? When people leave home for an extended period, they may need someone to water the plants and walk the dog. Trusted Housesitters is one of many such sites that hooks you up with people that will let you stay at their place for free if you agree to handle a few menial tasks while they are away. Some will even pay you to watch their place while they are absent.

2 ‐ Book in the Afternoon, Never in the Morning
You may already know that air travel and lodging prices can change from day to day throughout the week, due to availability and other factors. Some travelers don’t realize that prices also vary depending on what time of day you call. Booking flights and accommodations in the evening on weekdays usually yields better rates than in the morning, because the morning is when most business travel is booked.

3 ‐ Never Exchange Currency at the Airport
When you get off of your plane, you may be raring and ready to spend money collecting tourist mementos. If this is the case, practicing a little restraint can save you some very real money. The money changers at the airport, and at hotels and motels for that matter, offer notoriously poor exchange rates. Head to a local bank to exchange your money instead.

4 ‐ Remember the 8 Week Rule for Flying
Unless you are a fan of overpaying for air travel, remember this. Globetrotting pros say 8 weeks in advance is the absolute best time to book airfare. Book more than 8 weeks out, and your plans have a way of changing. Book later and the prices go up as you near your departure date, sometimes on a daily basis. Book 2 months in advance, and you can secure the best air travel prices, while also limiting the possibility that you will have to change your plans.

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