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4 Miscellaneous Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Vacation Frustration‐Free

Sometimes little efforts can deliver big results. You have probably heard that dynamite comes in small packages, and a long journey begins with a single step. These clichés have been around seemingly forever because they are true. In many cases, you can make simple and easy steps that deliver big travel success results. Keep the following 5 miscellaneous travel hacks in mind the next time you head out of town. They could help minor headaches from becoming big problems that hamper your travel plans.

1 – Add Dryer Sheets When You Pack Your Suitcase
Dryer sheets have literally 101 uses. If you are out and about exploring some far-flung destination and mosquitoes or flies become a problem, tucking a couple of dryer sheets into either side of your waistband is a great way to keep pests from bugging you. You will no doubt accrue used clothing when you travel. Additionally, you may have a pair of shoes or sandals become a little funky or

Tucking the dryer sheets into your shoes and keeping them in your dirty clothes bag means not letting bad smells ruin your stay. When you check into your room, remove the pillowcases from your pillows. Place a dryer bag inside each one, and then shake and rub the pillowcase. These are all ways a simple dryer sheet can improve your travel experience.

2 – Place Your Power Cords in a Sun-glass Case
You may be the perfect packer when you travel, but unless you use a sun-glass case for your earbuds and power cords, you have not reached the pinnacle of bag‐packing success. This is a simple way to ensure your power cords, earbuds, and other wired accessories are always available when you need them. You simply pop open your sun-glass case, and you are good to go. If you wrap your cords individually and secure them with a twist tie before placing them in your case, you keep the cords from tangling.

3 – Include a Simple First Aid Kit in Your Travel Plans
You can purchase an inexpensive and basic first aid kit from most big‐box retailers. These kits come in rectangular boxes and take up very little space. This simple travel hack keeps small annoyances from becoming bigger health problems.

4 – Exercise While You’re Away
Many travelers return home feeling exhausted. They have to head back to work feeling tired and beat. This is not how you want to remember your vacation. Make sure you are getting out and about when you travel. Go for a hike or walk, join a backpacking tour, or hit the fitness room at your hotel. Whatever you have to do, make sure you add plenty of physical activity to your travel plans.

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